Varsity Underground

The student and alumni community network

The primary purpose of Varsity Underground is to bring College Students and Alumni together in an on-line community network that will provide information, support, and assistance to everyone.  Varsity Underground is being built for students by students and we encourage every member to contact us with their ideas on how to make the site more interesting and useful. If a member wants to create a useful program or widget for the community and submit it to us we will review and test it and if it is added to the site that member will be compensated for that program or widget. By providing very useful information, support, and resources to members in an entertaining and creative way we at Varsity Underground hope to bring together young people from all over the world, from every background, so that they may connect, interact, and benefit from the network. 

The future will be challenging for everyone but the future belongs to the intelligent, young, innovative, and creative young people of the world. We hope to inspire and motivate each individual member in a constructive way so that the future will be better for all of us. The Varsity Underground community is a place where all types of individuals come together and the various components of the site work in unison to create a better world for everyone.

There will always be critics and dissenters to every effort to bring people together but that will not prevent us from making the effort.

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